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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Can I Have Your Attention?

I saw a show on TV once that did an experiment.

They posted a professional looking sign on a wall next to a door that said "No Exit".  Only a handful of people noticed the sign and didn't try going through the door.

Then they posted a handwritten sign saying the same thing.  This time, just about all the people who approached the door noticed the sign and turned around without trying to go through the door.

Their conclusion:  Handwritten signs are more effective.

My Father understands that.  He knows that the best way to get my attention, warn me, direct me, encourage me to change my course, or abort mission altogether is to Personally Handwrite them.

Sometimes it's a rough looking Sign that comes in the form of a trial in my life.  Sometimes, an unexpected Love Note that's addressed to me personally -- an encouragement that is strangely and wonderfully relevant to my circumstances.  And other times, a Letter that is given from someone that loves me -- who's not afraid to get candid and honest -- even when it's not what I want to hear. 

Personal, handwritten Signs.  What a beautiful way to get my attention.

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