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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Worry = Wasted Energy

How easy it is to waste electricity. 

If I'm not mindful about it, I'll leave lights on in a room that no one is using.  I'll leave the TV on when no one is watching it.  Or, I'll accidently forget to shut off the outside lights at night.  Good energy being used ...  for nothing.  Dollars come out of my pocket to pay for something I received zero in return for.

Worry = Wasted Energy

Worry is energy being spent on something that you receive zero back for.  It doesn't move you closer to your goals.  It doesn't make you feel better or bring peace to your heart over a situation.  It doesn't add hours to your day or more rest to your night. 

If anything, it robs you.  It takes and takes and takes and offers you nothing in return.  Worry is a thief.

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