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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Bachelor

When my husband and I were dating, we happened to work in the same office building.  It was the perfect set up.  We were just an elevator ride away from each other. So, even when we were apart, we really weren't.  I loved it.

One of the advantages of being so close was that we were able to do little things for each other to express our puppy love.

  • I'd sneak up to his floor and leave his favorite chocolates on his desk. 
  • He would pretend he needed to ask someone a question in my department and leave little sticky notes with "I Love You" and "Thinking of You" on my desk.
Little things that said a lot.  Unexpected.  Unsolicited.  Spontaneous expression of affection.  We were courting each other.  Wooing each other.  He was romancing me.  And, as a result, we were falling more and more in love.  We were ultimately letting our relationship go to a deeper level.


It might be hard to wrap our heads around it, but God is very much the Romantic.  He is quite in love with us.  That might sound weird, I know.  But, afterall, He created all things... including romance!  His heart is very much drawn to us like a groom to his bride.  He is outrageously passionate for us (not in a warped way, in a pure and wonderful way).

He realizes, though, that we might not know or understand how He truly feels.  And, He realizes that, like any relationship, it's going to take some wooing.

I remember about a year ago, He spoke to my heart.  He basically said, "Valerie, I want more than just a business relationship with you." 

I laughed.   What the heck?  Uhhh...please clarify.

What He was saying was, I'm interested in you Valerie.  Not your talents.  Not your gifts.  Not your service.  YOU. 

In a sense, He was proposing.  Wooing me. 

He was the Bachelor, down on one knee, handing me the rose and saying,

"Will you choose to love me back? 
Will you allow our relationship to go to the next level? 

Will you accept this rose?"

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