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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Man Behind The Mask

Louis doesn't say much.

His eyes say more than his mouth does most of the time.  He comes across all business.  His face is downcast.  His remarks sarcastic.  His life is in order.  He's controlled.  Ready for anything that would come at him.

But, that is the Louis that everyone sees.  It isn't really Louis.

The real Louis loves to laugh.  He finds humor in the most unusual circumstances.  He's quite the romantic at heart and is a passionate man.  He is a defender of his family.  A provider for his home.  A loyal man.  A loving man.  A leader.  A supporter.  And deep inside... just a little boy that peeks out his window at the big wide world wanting so much to make a difference in it.

But, Louis can't be Louis.  He won't allow it. 
He keeps himself hidden for his own safety.  He knows he comes across strong and intimidating.  But, how else can he be?  Somewhere in life, Louis got hurt.  The pain erased his smiles and chased him behind his protective walls. 

No one understands.
And, really, he prefers it that way.  The less people know, the better.

But, there is Someone He can not pretend with.  His Father.  And, he knows that.  But, it's hard to let down his guard...even with the Father that loves Him.  So, He resists.  He pulls away from His Father's hugs.  The touch of His Father's hands melt his self-protective walls.  And, that is just not something he is willing to let happen. 

But, the Father loves Louis.  He understands Louis.  He is patient with Louis in his struggle to open up.
And, He receives Louis...

right where he is.

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