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Friday, March 18, 2011

Still Baking. Please Wait.

I think one of the keys to great baking is perfecting the art of timing. 

You could have the perfect recipe but, if under-baked, all you get is half-cooked ingredients and a funky texture in your mouth.  What's supposed to be mouth-watering becomes anti-climatic and disappointing.  It wasn't given the time it needed to become all that it could become. 

Good bakers know the importance of timing.  They are willing to wait because they know it's all part of the process of making it great.  In a sense, they're given a promise: if they wait for the oven to do its job, they are sure to have great end results.

Waiting can be hard in life.  But, when waiting is attached to a Promise, it helps remove the questioning in the wait.  Like a baker, we can be sure of a great end result, no matter how long the wait. 

I might say to my child, you can have dessert, but you have to wait.  She trusts my word.  She knows if I say it, I mean it.  And, if I mean it, I'll do it.  She doesn't have to question whether she'll get it.  She simply has to be patient for it. 

And, so we wait on God,

knowing that the One who makes a Promise...will keep it.


Jamie Nicole said...

I was going to click one of the little reaction boxes but none of them say AWESOME because t hat is exactly what this post is. This is exactly what I needed to hear right now, seeing as I'm dealing with something in my life that takes patience and faith in the Lord. I'm so grateful for your blog and you as a writer to have this kind of insight. Beautiful!

Jamie Nicole

Valerie Bailey said...

Wow! God is so awesome! How neat for this to be a word in season for you. Thanks for your amazing encouragement. May it encourage you too, sister, that your writing is not in vain either. God is excited to flow through you!

big hugs!