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Friday, March 25, 2011

Is there ANYTHING you'd like to say??

Ok, I can be a talker sometimes.  I admit it. 

My husband is a saint to handle the sound-off of life he's gotten from me for the past 10 years.  Many times, in order to think, I talk... which of course can be dangerous because the filter my not be on!  I've dug myself into some deep holes by just trying to figure out what it is I'm really trying to say!

I'm always amazed by the people that quietly take in life around them with very little to say about it.  I think to myself, do they have an opinion?  And, if so, why do they hardly ever talk?  There must be something they have to say.   

They don't seem intimidated or shy to talk.  Their body language is relaxed and they seem engaged in what's happening.  They just don't open their mouth.

But, when they do...
They have something to say.

It's a one-two punch of wisdom coming at me.
It's a timely word of comfort.
It's humor that keeps me laughing for days.

They have plenty to say.  They just take time to choose their words and the timing correctly.  They realize that less is more.  Their comment will soar a greater distance, and make a greater impact, if calculated and casted properly.


Sometimes, we think God doesn't have too much to say for Himself.  He seems rather quiet at times we might think He should have much to say!  It can make us question how much He cares about the circumstance.  Or, how much He cares about us.  We may think, 'does He honestly have nothing to say??'

We wait for His comment.  (Which in our hearts, might really mean His intervention.)  And, sometimes, the wait is down-right painful.

But, He is not mute.  And, He is not deaf.  And, He is not blind. 
And, when His words are chosen,
and the timing is correct,
He will speak.

it will be Perfect.

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