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Thursday, March 17, 2011


"Lazybones, sleepin' in the sun... how you spect to get your day's work done?..."

My mother used to sing that song to me in jest when I was younger.  It was usually followed by a tickle and a couple pulls at my toes to get me out of bed.  How I hated getting up.  And, I made that clear!  I was a real grump.  Nothing seemed more important than looking at the inside of my eyelids.

But, my mother showed me otherwise.  She seemed to have limitless energy as she balanced a job and three kids.  I think to myself now: How did she keep it all going?

She had purpose. 

She knew her role was important and believed in her heart that nothing she did was in vain.  And, that motivated her.  I'm sure she grew weary.  But, never lazy.  Laziness often has to do with a heart that doesn't see the importance of the task at hand.  I'm sure she took moments to rest and recoop (though, I recall very few of those!), but she was determined to love us and launch us -- and that kept selfishness and laziness out of her vocabulary.

When I start to feel lazy (which is different than giving myself a well deserved break), I have to first question why.  Why do I feel lazy?  It could be, in part, that I have forgotten the importance of my purpose.  That what I do today, does make a difference -- even when it doesn't seem to mean anything at all to anyone at all.  When I know my purpose, and the importance of it, my heart connects with my actions and laziness stays out of my vocabulary, too.

Thanks, mom, for being an example of a woman with purpose!

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Jamie Nicole said...

I'm in college and am miles away from home so I don't get to see my mom everyday or as often as I used to and I was actually just thinking about how much I miss her and how incredible she is... This makes me miss her even more! How great is it to have that kind of example in our life, someone to give us a firm talking to once in a while and help us pull ourselves up by the bootstrap. Wow, I love my mom.
Once again, great post.

Jamie Nicole