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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Want To. Need To.

Eat your veggies, apples, beans.  They makes for longer life it seems!

Many of us can say that when we were a kid, we ate our good food because we were told to.  No dessert unless it was finished. 

We consumed out of obligation.  Someone said we should, so we did. 

Today, many of us have a different perspective on it.  We reach for it, not because someone is over our shoulder with a pointed finger at our salad telling us to eat it, but because we want to.  We need to.  

We realize that it's the good stuff that makes our bodies run better.  Makes our minds sharper.  Makes our moods balance and our sugar even. It's what gives us the energy we need to function in our day. 

We consume out of desire and need for proper nourishment.  No one is making us.  We want to.  We need to.


We can feel the same way about spiritual food. 

At first, we might have consumed out of obligation.  Someone said we should, so we did.  It was still beneficial to us.  But, we didn't realize just how desperate we were for it.  How much we actually needed it.

As time goes on though, we can start to realize that the Words of Life are just that.  LIFE.  With them, we are like a tree planted beside a stream, constantly receiving fresh nourishment.  We realize without them, we have less energy, we're less focused, and may even have a lack of Joy and Peace.

We recognize that we can't run on empty.  The tank needs refilling if it's going to run well and go the distance. 

We eat because we want to.  Need to.

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