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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Hugs With Heart

Have you ever watched a child give an adult a hug?  They are so honest in their hugs.  It makes me chuckle.

If the child is genuinely excited about the person and comfortable with them, they'll fling their arms open as wide as they can stretch them and give a squeeze hard enough to knock the breath out of the person.  They give themselves with reckless abandonment.  Not out of compulsion.  Not feeling forced.  And, without a second thought.  It's joyful and precious to both hugger and recipient.

Then, you have the old classic, "Go ahead Bobby.  Give your uncle (who you haven't seen since you were a baby and is as much a stranger as a man off the street) a nice big hug!"  It's not very authentic or heart-felt.  And, done out of obligation.

Some feel like the second boy toward their Father.  Their relationship is mechanical because their heart isn't connected with their actions.  They're doing their duty, but it's as sentimental as hugging a lamp post. 

But, those that allow their Daddy access into the deeper chambers of their heart, find that their hugs become more and more heartfelt.  Yes, at first it might be awkward.  Maybe they can only cautiously lean in with their arms crossed over their chest.  They may not be ready to fully open up, but their heart is beginning to connect.  And, how thrilled our Father is when His child willingly and with heart leans His way!

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