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Monday, March 28, 2011

A Rose for Sharon

Sharon was always one of those girls.

Last one picked in dodgeball.  Alone on Valentine's Day.  Dateless at the dance.  She pretended it didn't bother her.  But, at night she'd wonder what was wrong with her as her tears dropped to her pillow.  She may as well be invisible. 

Then, one day, there was a knock at the door. 

"Who could that be," she thought.  "I'm not expecting anyone."

She opened the door but no one was there.  Weird.  As she went to close the door, her eyes glanced down toward the floor. 

"What is this?" she said to herself.

"A rose?"

She looked down the hall.  The delivery man must have dropped it while delivering flowers to someone else in her building.  But, there was no around.  Just the single rose. 

After a few more moments, and no sign of anyone, she decided she may as well keep it for herself.  It surprising matched her apartment beautifully. 

She closed the door and took a closer look. 

"Now, what is this?" she questioned again.

"A note?"

As she read, her eyes began to tear.

Dear Sharon,

This rose was grown especially for you.  I picked it from my own garden.  I have watched over it to make sure it would be the perfect flower to give to my perfect love. 

I must be honest.  I have been admiring you from a distance.  I blush as I tell you that you take my breath away!  I am beside myself when I think about you.  I am sleepless with love for you.  I am passionate for you, Sharon!  Oh my heart is racing!  How can I even put into words how I truly feel!?

I can not.

I can not find the words!  I can hardly catch my breath! 

I will shout it from the rooftops!   I LOVE YOU! 

So, please Sharon. 

Accept             this               rose.

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