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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Tell Me Anything

"I know something you don't know...and I'm not gonna tell you..."

Secrets are a big deal when you're younger.  It's exciting to know something that no one in the whole world knows about.  You cherish it like a gem hiding in your pocket.  You have the choice to show it off or leave it for no one to see.  Only you know about it and have the power to expose it or not. 


Adult secrets, though, can get complicated.

They might not be about child-like things anymore.  It might be about things you actually don't want people to find out about.  You may even spend great amounts of energy to desperately hide your secret.  You become a slave to it as you daily try to keep things in the dark.  Maybe it's something you've done wrong.  Maybe it's something that you are continually doing wrong.  Maybe it's something that is not even your fault, but you live with a feeling of guilt and shame about it anyway.  There's a horror in your heart just thinking about the idea of being exposed about it.  So, you work even harder to keep the secret hush-hush. 

I remember seeing interviews of people that were found out in their crime or wrong-doing.  And, what I've heard more than once is that in being exposed they actually felt a sense of relief.  Their secret became their prison.  They got to a point where they wanted to be found out so they could be free from it at last!

It's a rock and a hard place.  It's terrible to live in the dark.  But, bringing it into the Light might be frightening as well. 

But, here's the thing... The Light already knows.  Already sees.  And, unbelievably -- is already ready to forgive and receive us.  Its rays have the power to heal and change.  He's more interested in pulling us away from the darkness, than spanking us for being bad. 

His Kindness calls to us in our dark place saying, "You can tell me anything!  I love love love you!  Come out of your closet of shame.  I will make you whole again and show you that my Love is greater than the power of your secret."

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