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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Where Are You?

She loved Love.
She loved Love deeply.
She knew Love loved her.
She knew Love loved her deeply.
She knew Love would never leave her. He told her so Himself.

But, when the storm came, she could not see Love. She could not find Love.
Where has Love gone?
Is He gone?
But, why?
Why would Love walk away?
If Love is really Love, He would keep His Promise.
Did He lie? Was He not sincere in His Promise to never forsake her?
Is He only Love on good days? Sunny days?
Is He not Love on the rainy days, too?
No! Love is Love all the time!
So... . WHERE ARE YOU LOVE ? ? ?

And, then Love spoke.

"My love, you're hidden in the folds of my garment. 
You can't see Me because I'm covering you. 
And, though there's darkness you see all around you. 
Here me say....
I'm holding on to you."

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