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Monday, November 29, 2010


It's interesting how some things are not what they seem.

I can have a good looking bathroom, for example.  Clean, bleached walls.  Spotless floor.  Shiny streak-free mirrors.  But, beneath these walls is a decaying interior filled with mildew.  It fools me.  I think it's fine and it's really not.

There are things in us that might be hiding, too.  It might be things we are purposefully trying to hide.  Or, it might be things we aren't even aware of ourselves.  We might live in denial or ignorance about it for years, until one day, the Specialist comes and begins to remove the tiles of our hearts.  He knows there is unseen mildew that is eating away at our insides.  It's a shocking discovery for us, but not for Him.  He is not intimidated or surprised by the find.  He knew it was there all along and knows just what to do to make it clean and new.  He's just so glad that we gave Him a call and asked Him to come over to remodel the room.

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