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Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Attic

Attics can be scary places. 

Cold.  Dimly lit.  Shadows of various shapes.  Sounds of critters who are possibly hiding in the Christmas box next you.  God knows what's in that box in the back corner.  It's been there for 25 years.  You've grown comfortable seeing it there. 

It seems easier to just burn the house down than to sort through the 180 square foot mess.  You've tried to clean it out in the past.  You start near the steps with the newer things that have been added.  It seems less complicated to know what to do with these few things.  But, as you move forward into the chaos, your stamina weakens and you're ready to call it quits sooner than you thought. 

It's just easier to leave it for another day.

Human hearts can become like cluttered attics.  It gets shoved with so much baggage over the years, it's painful to even open the door to look inside. 

"Who knows what will happen to me if I open that dusty old box!?" you tell yourself.  "I may not make it out alive!!"

You get scared and overwhelmed.  You retreat and close the door. 

It's easier to leave it for another day.

Then, the idea strikes you. 

"What if I take a Friend with me?" you say to yourself.  "He has His own business and He'll do it for Free!  He's stronger too, so He can lift the heavy boxes I'm too afraid to even look at."

He's happy to oblige.  After all, it's His specialty!
He backs His truck into your driveway.  You notice the side of His door. 

It reads:  "No Job Is Too Big"

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