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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

moon & Sun

The moon.

On clear nights, it's our lighthouse in the sky.

gorgeous.  beaming.  majestic.  a darkness-chaser. 

Yet, it is but a rock.  It can not boast. 
Its brilliance is not its own.
It is a mere reflection.

A reflection of the True Light Source. 
 The place where no shadow or morning frost will ever dwell. 
A place too glorious for man to approach in its human flesh. 
 It is the center of all. 
And, all look to it for its daily portion.  

The Sun is Good. 
It is Kind and Generous to the universe and
gladly shares its Goodness to the world
and to the moon.  
It does not show favoritism. 
It is Joyful!  It is pleased to give Itself away!  

It is Faithful to the moon.  
The moon receives and basks. 
 It is happy to be a reflection of the One that is truly 

Gorgeous    Beaming    Majestic  
The Great Darkness-Chaser

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