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Friday, November 12, 2010

Finding the Rainbow

I remember two specific times I saw a Rainbow. 

Both were when my family and I were traveling in our car.  One time, was when my husband and I were having a discussion about life and the future and our purpose here on planet earth.  I have to honest, it wasn't a feel-good conversation.  We were in a slump about things.  Questioning our worth, our contribution to society, the path we were on, etc.  At the height of our conversation, I could feel my heart sinking into a hole and my eyes begin to tear.  I couldn't deny the place of despair that I had gotten into, in general.  I was looking in the mirror at myself and didn't like what I saw. 

Then, I looked up. 

Cars were pulled to the side of the turnpike and I could see cameras flashing.  To my left was the biggest brightest fullest Rainbow I think the sky could ever give the earth.  We had to stop.  We had to take it in.  Our conversation ceased.  We stood in awe. 

The other time I saw a Rainbow was during the most uncomfortable car ride I had ever experienced in my life.  We were on a 5 hour ride, coming home from visiting relatives. My children were very young and on such a long car ride, I had to squeeze myself in the backseat of our small Ford Escort between both their car seats so I could care for them during the long ride.   It was on one of the hottest days of summer and we had no air conditioning in the car.  Suddenly it began to downpour.  We were forced to roll up our windows which, of course, caused our car to become a sauna on wheels.  Both girls started crying and wailing.  It really couldn't have gotten any worse, I thought...

 ...until the car accident.

Just a fender bender.  A result of hydro-planing.  Now we were at a stand still as my husband exchanged insurance information with the other driver.  My oldest child had to go to the bathroom, everyone was sweating and my legs started to fall asleep from being in such an awkward position for so long.  When would this trip end??  We started back down the road in search of a rest area.  The rain finally stopped. 

Then, we looked up. 

There it was, cascading down through the clouds of such a terrible storm.  A faint but beautiful Rainbow.  What an odd thing to see on such a terrible ride.  It seemed out of place at the moment.  I was in no sentimental state of mind.  But, there it was, regardless.  It's as if it waited for us to lift our eyes to see it smiling on us. 

I guess a Rainbow is like that.  It decides to show itself in moments we don't expect it in life. 

It's just waiting for us to

Look Up.

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