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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Can I Help You With That?

Why do we resist things that will help us?

It's the strangest thing to me.  (Though, I am guilty of it myself.) 

We get lost driving, but we don't want to ask for help.  We'd rather go on a '3 hour tour' than take 5 minutes and get the information we need to help keep us on course.

We get sick, but sometimes fight slowing down or even receiving help from medicine or doctors.

We walk around thirsty for hours, but don't reach for the proper drinks (or enough of them) to hydrate ourselves.  We can end up compensating by eating.  And, it can make us feel fatigued and moody. (Not to mention the many other side effects that come with dehydration.)

My daughter has a stuffy nose, but insists on wearing a summer shirt in November.  Her body can't get warm enough and so she continues to blow her nose.  She fights me when I make her wear a long-sleeve shirt -- as if my intentions are to harm her.  I am for her.  Not against her.

It is like Rain falling on dry, hard ground.  The Rain comes to bring nourishment.  But, the ground is so hard and so dry, at first, all it does is kick and scream against the Rain's Goodness.  It doesn't realize that the Rain is for it.  Not against it.

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