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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Candy, Cake, and Consequences

Some days, there is just nothing else I want more than to indulge in a few snack-sized chocolates. 

Harmless really

except on those days that I also end up going to a birthday party and having salty chips and a piece of cake.  Then later, everyone in the house votes to get take-out for dinner. So, I skip my salad and also end up having soda instead of water to wash it down.  It's a series of little things that add up and show up... on the scale, on my complexion and in the form of moodiness. 

It's a picture to me how it is in life...little things that add up to bigger consequences. 

I heard of a lady once who drank one less sugar-filled soda a day for a year and lost 13 pounds!  I think of sea waves and how little by little they are able to erode big huge strong rocks on a mountain.  I think about my little prayers I pray as I wash dishes and the bigger consequences they must have that I am completely unaware of.  I think about my parenting and the little things I do or don't do that will affect my children down the road.  I think of my marriage, my finances, my health, my relationships and everything in between.

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