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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Humble House

My husband and I love to look at houses as we are driving.  We're like little kids making Christmas lists as we window shop down the road. 

"Oh, look at that one!" I'll say, as I nudge my husband.  "I bet it has a beautiful kitchen in it."

"Oo, I'm likin' that stone porch."  my husband will say through his drool.  "And the shed would be big enough to put my sound studio in!"

But, the ones that impress us the most are the ones you barely see from the road.  I have to squint to see the details of it.  They are the ones up on the hillside.  Tucked behind trees and foliage are the ones I like to call the "Treasures Of The Woods".  They are grand.  Their structures are beautiful.  Their architecture, landscaping and colors are marvelous.  Sweat and tears have been poured into them.  They are the product of intense labor and devotion.

What strikes me the most about these amazing homes is that they are not the ones at major intersections of a highway.  They are confident, secure and satisfied with being established where they are -- with or without an audience.  Though they would have plenty to boast about, they have no appetite for being a show off.  They are stunning -- they don't deny it.  They just have no urge to broadcast it. 
They are indeed... humble.

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