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Monday, November 22, 2010

Something GOOD

When my oldest daughter was five years old, she hit the back of her head on a rock after falling off her swing.  She was showing signs of having a concussion, so we took her right to the children's hospital.  They did X-rays and weren't comfortable with a certain section of what they saw, so they did an MRI.

They told me, "Well, her head is fine, but did you know her adenoids are huge?" 

Well, that explained a lot.  She had always had so many issues with breathing and nasal congestion.  We moved forward based on that information and had her adenoids removed.  Ahhh... much better for the poor little girl.
Because of our finances years ago, I was forced to find new ways to supplement our income.  I chose to try my hand at being a cosmetic consultant.  Problem with that was, at that point in time, I had become quite the shut-in.  Taking on this endeavor would mean I would need to be brave and actually talk to people in my neighborhood.  Out of necessity, I did what I needed to do and was surprised by the results.  I sold my little gift baskets of make-up and brought in a nice profit.  But, I also found out that people weren't as scary as I thought they'd be.  Many friendships started that day that are continuing even today.  It helped heal my fearful heart.
I definitely didn't want my daughter to get hurt.  But, she did.  Out of it, though, came something good.  And I definitely didn't want to be struggling so much in our finances.  But, surprisingly, it helped change me for the good.  These situations taught me that each trial and challenge gives us a gift.  I just have to be sure to look for it.

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