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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Know Your Opponent

Know who your enemy is.  Be able to identify your opponents.

That is extremely good advice when it comes to war.  If we don't know who we are fighting against and if we aren't able to identify those that are against us, our success rate will be low and there could be a ton of collateral damage.

There is an Enemy.  And, he means business, let me tell you. 

His objective?  Kill.  Steal.  Destroy.  He's mean and he's a liar.  Jesus called him the father of lies.  He is the devil and he's real.

One thing I am learning... he tries to confuse us in identifying who our opponent is.  Though HE is our enemy, we can begin thinking our battle is with one another -- that our struggle is with flesh and blood.  And, yes we will have our friction with others.  But we need to know who our true opponent is -- The one that is NEVER interested in reconciliation or things that are true or things that are right or things that bring peace or things that bring justice.  His focus is only on tearing down. 
He is our enemy.  Our opponent.  Are you able to identify him?

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