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Sunday, May 8, 2011

I Won't Forget You

"Don't forget me!"

That's what my mom said to me after I got married.

She knew this was going to be a different season of life.  It was unpredictable for her now.  How often would I come back to visit?  Would I choose to come see her?  Would I find other things more important? 

Would she be forgotten now that she was less needed in my life?

I want to tell you mom...
I will not forget you.

How can I?
You were the one that literally pushed me into this world. 
You were the one up in the middle of the night covering me and caring for me in my illness.
You carried the load without a complaint.

You were the one that let me make mistakes and told me to try again.  I conquered fears because of you.

You were the one who spent money we didn't have on piano lessons for me and pushed me in front of the family to sing at every opportunity.  Did you know back then what I would be today??

Did you know how beautiful I thought you were when I was six?  Did I ever tell you?  I thought you were amazing. 
Have I told you how beautiful you have become?  You are more amazing.

So sorry if I ever complained about your cooking.  So sorry if I whined when you asked me to help around the house.  So sorry that I didn't say thank you enough.  I had no idea how hard you worked.

Mom -- because of you, I am me.

And, I will never forget you.

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