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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Rock Star!

I think the most amazing people in the world are encouragers. 

Those that aren't focused on how they can seem important, become great, or stand above the rest --but, those that reach out and make others feel important, great, and lifted up. 

When we think about our favorite people in the world and those that have influenced our lives for the good, it's probably not the ones that showed us how great they are.  It's the ones that helped us see how special we are.  They are the ones that launched us upward and encouraged us to fly, not pushed us downward to make themselves feel more important.

In a world where many want to be a 'Rock Star' in their own respect, it is easy to lose sight of what true greatness is.  We seem to think that greatest is all about who gets to the top, gets the greatest recognition, and the most attention.

But, how far that is from the Truth.

The greatest among us is the servant of all.  Yes, they are the Rock Stars!  Those that walk in Love.  Esteem the lowly.  Feed the hungry.  Ones who do not silence others just so they alone can be heard.  But, do speak boldly for those who are silent and can not defend themselves.  They are lovers of Laughter and Joy --includers of others as they Dance and love Life!  They are givers of Hope and teachers of what is Good and Right.  And, they are those that are not afraid, no not hesitant at all --

to Encourage!