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Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Stop Look Listen!

It's what I tell my girls right before they try crossing the street to go to the neighbor's house.

Each step is so important. 

Sometimes, they look, but they don't stop.  They look as they are moving.  I warn them that the only thing that will do is allow them to see the car as it hits them.

Sometimes, they listen, but don't look. They might be between 2 parked cars and instead of inching out and peaking around them, they will stand, listen and go forward.  They don't give a proper look. 

And, sometimes they stop and look, but don't listen.  They don't listen for the things they might not see with their eyes.  Maybe a truck that has just turned onto the street that they don't see, but can hear if they listen in.

It's good advice for life, too.

Sometimes, I go with my gut on things and don't even stop.  I look and listen as I move forward.  I don't give it a second thought.  This can get me in trouble!

Sometimes I stop and listen, but don't look at all.  I could miss some very obvious things this way.

And, sometimes I stop and look, but fail to listen for things that might be an unseen consequence down the road.  I can't see it in the immediate moment.  And though it seems right at the time, I don't think through the possible future ramifications. 

SLL (Stop Look Listen).  Wisdom I need to remember.

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