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Tuesday, May 10, 2011



It plays a tremendous role in how we approach our tasks, tackle our goals and grab hold of all that life has to offer.  If a man sees himself as incompetent, he will approach his tasks with the attitude of "I can't".  Yet, if he is confident, he will step into it knowing that he can.  How important it is then, that we are confident in life.

But, this where is gets interesting.

Our Father's Will can not be accomplished in our own strength and confidence.  If any man walks with God, he will always be lead to this discovery. 

What despair that can create in someone's heart!  They desire to live out the fullness of their potential, but come to the grim discovery that they can't -- in and of themselves.  Their destiny is to fly, but they can't grow their own wings or make their own wind. 

Simultaneously, though, another discovery is made.

In our despair, we look up to find Him holding our set of wings in His Hands and the Wind of Life in His Mouth. 

Our humbling is for a reason.  He strips us of confidence in self for a purpose.  If He does not humble us, we will never realize how much we need Him.  We will never trade our strength for His.  Our confidence for His.  And, we will never know what it means to rise and soar on eagle's wings.

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