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Thursday, May 26, 2011

I Got This

Top Two Hardest Places To Wait:

1) Hospital Waiting Area 
As comfortable as the staff and hospital try to make you feel, there is nothing that can remove the overwhelming heartache you feel.  The anxiety.  The helplessness.  The dread of bad news.  All you can do is watch the clock and wait for the doctor to appear through the double doors to give you an update. 

2) By The Phone
When will that call come?  The call from your son that is off at war.  The husband that stormed out of the house two days ago.  The daughter that won't speak to you anymore.

The thing with waiting like this is that you don't have control.  You can't be the one to fix it, change it, make it better, or make it happen.  And, maybe you're not used to that.  Maybe you're used to being at the helm.  You're the one that usually calls the shots, gives the orders, makes the plans.  You're the one that motivates others -- and in fact are the one that others look to to give them direction.  You're the go-to person.

But not this time.

This time it's not on you.  It's on Him.  It's on the One who waits with you -- indeed, sits with you and holds your hand in the waiting room and by the phone.  It's on the One that reminds you who's really in charge here.  It's on the One that has promised to never leave you nor forsake you and has already taken the hit for you and the ones you love.  It's on the One that works ALL things for the good.

And, it's on the One that gently whispers in your ear,

"Relax. I got this."