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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I Totally Agree

I agree.

Two words that can make a big difference in a relationship.  In a marriage, I'd say it might be the most important two words next to "I do".

When there is agreement between two people, the power behind what is wanting to be accomplished is doubled.   It is not one mind working, it is now two.  It is not two arms pushing, it is four.  It is not one heart involved, but two hearts connected. 

When I think of agreement I think of my grandfather's horses.  He owned and trained them for recreation and competition in English riding (individual rider) and carriage driving (multiple horses pulling a carriage).

What agreement between the horses was required for carriage driving.  Horses are amazingly strong animals and it was extremely important that all the horses hooked to the carriage were in agreement with the task at hand and the direction they were going.  Imagine the chaos if one horse decided to disagree with the plan to move in a certain direction!  But, when they all were lined up and all agreed, it was a beautiful sight.  They moved with such grace and strength.  There was even a sense of satisfaction in it as they moved in one accord.



When we think about the relationships we have in this world, are we in agreement with those we should be in agreement with?  Our spouse?  Our business partner? 

How about the Spirit of God?  Do we say 'yes' in our hearts when He wants to move us a certain way?  Do we agree with Him or resist His leading? 

Does your method of agreeing consist of you making the plans yourself pressuring (might I even use the word bullying or putting up a real hissy fit with?) the person until they 'agree' with you?  Agreeing means two wills voluntarily wanting the same thing. 

There is power in agreement.  Are you in agreement?

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