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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Time To Live!

That's what many of us daydreamers say. 

One day I'll do this or that. 

One day I'll pursue that path. 

One day...
One day... 
One day...

We aren't actively moving toward it.  We are just dreaming about it. 

There is a time to wait.  But, there is also a time to move forward.  And, sometimes we get so used to waiting and being in a pattern of dreaming, that we don't even recognize when we have stepped into the season of fulfillment of all those dreams.  We continue to stand there, and wait, and dream, and say one day -- not realizing that one day is upon us!  And, it is no longer the season of dreaming and waiting, but the season of embracing, living out, and seizing the LIFE we were meant to live!


T.C. said...

Yes, we can get so wrapped up in waiting for things to fall into place, that sometimes we don't realise it will be our actions or responses at the present time that will make things fall into place!

Valerie Bailey said...

YES! Well said! Thanks T.C!