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Friday, May 27, 2011

I Gotta Tell Ya!

Good stuff is hard to keep quiet about.

A great recipe.  A sale that is more like a give-away.  An amazing new product you recently discovered.  Things that are too good to keep to yourself.  You find yourself posting it on Facebook, Tweeting it to friends, texting your family members.  How can you keep such a great thing to yourself?  No one has to talk you into it, hype you up so you can get the nerve to tell people, or can discourage you from sharing such an awesome thing.  Sharing comes from the natural excitement of your discovery. 

And, so it is with the Good News.  We share because we have discovered something that is just too good to keep to ourselves.  What Love!  What Joy!  What Freedom!  We don't need a pep rally to motivate us -- we share because this kind of News has captured our hearts with its Love, set us free with its Grace, and changed us forever.

And, THAT is something to talk about!

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