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Friday, May 20, 2011


Some days start out with a smack in the face.

And, that's exactly what happened to my daughter this morning.  She shares a bunk bed with her sister and a book that was on the top bunk, fell and hit her right in the nose.  What a bloody mess!  The poor girl went from a peaceful rest to a gush of blood and tears.  How unfair.

Life can be outrageously unfair like that. 

You're not out looking for trouble.  You're minding your own business.  Then suddenly you're blind-sided.  You're put on the defense and forced to clean up the mess.  It's frustrating and wrong. 

It's hard to make sense of such things.   But, one thing I learned from my daughter's bloody morning... 

She was not alone.  I happened to already be awake and was at her side immediately.  In her moment of confusion and pain, I was able to step in and help.  Through something terribly unfair, she was able to experience true support and care from the people that love her. 

And, more so, she allowed us to help her. 

Sometimes when she gets hurt she pushes us away in her pain and fear.  This time, she didn't resist or put up a fight.  She fell in my arms knowing how much she needed someone to help and intervene in that moment of confusion and pain.

And, that alone is a beautiful result of something so unfair.

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