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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Under Lock & Key

I remember it well.  My diary. 

Hard cover.  Latch attached and key provided.  Inside was the penned version of my heart.  Highly personal and top secret.

Today, I may not have a diary, but there are other things I have under lock and key.  Unseen things.  Places in my heart that no man has ever gone before!  It's cobwebbed over with signs on it that say "Do Not Enter", "No Trespassing!"  It's so top secret and hidden away, I hardly know what's in there myself.  And, to tell you honestly, I can't find the key either.  So, even when I try to access it, it's a struggle.  It only brings frustration and pain.  It makes for a nice excuse, though, to just leave it alone and deal with it another day (or never at all).

But, I found out today that my Best Friend happens to own the master key.

He's offering to unlock it and clean out the skeletons for me. 

I have mixed emotions.  Vulnerability will lead to Freedom.  But, self-protection seems the safer and less complicated route.

It's like a child standing on a ledge and her daddy says,

"Come on!  Jump!  I'll catch you!  I promise!"

Even in her reservation, the child jumps based on her relationship with her father.  She trusts him.

My decision to open up is based on that same foundation of Trust.

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