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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

whisper it to me

Being a teacher, I've learned a few tricks along the way that help me grab the attention of a noisy classroom.  Clapping in various rhythms, flashing the lights, or standing still in front of them with the "I'm waiting" look. 

Sometimes, though, the only thing that works is The Whisper. 

I lower my voice down so low that they notice it even more so than when I raise my voice over them.  It makes them stop.  Focus in.  Listen for where the sound is coming from. 

The power of a whisper.

My Teacher is familiar with this approach toward His students, too.  He knows that sometimes, the best way to get our attention, speak things to us, or answer our questions is not with a raised booming Voice, but with a gentle barely audible one. 

And, this might be the very opposite of what we expect.  We might be saying "SHOW ME A SIGN!" as we brace ourselves to hear from Him.  We're waiting for Him to say it loudly.  We might be waiting for something big. 

But, many times He speaks softly.  Like a Daddy, He brings us up on His lap, holds us close, and leans in.  And, in that precious moment of intimacy...  He whispers.

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