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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Calgon Take Me Away!

How I love baths!  They're so warm, relaxing, and peaceful. 
There's no agenda other than to unwind and get clean. 
The perfect ending to any day in my book. 
There is another Place that brings that same feeling. 
But, this one reaches inside me. 
It's a Bath like no other. 
I don't have to run the bath water. 
I don't have to grab my candles
and set the room just right to help calm my nerves. 
I don't have to pay for the water bill later. 
I simply come. 
Weary and ragged.  I don't have to try to get myself clean before I enter. 
(That's the whole point of the bath!) 
I come as I am. 
Dirty and exhausted and with no agenda other than to unwind and get clean.


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