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Friday, April 15, 2011


SECURE:  Unafraid, untroubled, (free from fear or doubt; easy in mind)

It goes without saying that feeling secure is very important to people.  We need to feel secure in our relationships, secure in our finances, secure in our future, secure in -- well, the list can go on and on.

It starts at a young age.  Our father's big arms spoke volumes to us as children.  Our other role models like teachers and police officers reassured us that we were safe in their care.  We may not have known the word 'secure' but we knew when we felt it and we knew when we didn't.  It was a big deal to us.  We needed to know that in this big world someone had our backs.  And, if we didn't feel secure, it most likely affected just about every area of our lives -- our grades, our attitudes, our decisions, etc.

When we grow up, things change, of course.  We don't go asking our mothers to hold our hand in the dark while we fall asleep or our fathers to hold us while we cross the street.  An independence takes place, and naturally so.  But our heart still cries out for security.  Many of our worries are rooted in the lack of it.  We can feel like we're on our own in this big world to care for ourselves and protect ourselves.  Many of our decisions and pursuits can be fueled by our need to feel secure.  We want to be 'unafraid, untroubled, (free from fear or doubt; easy in mind)'. 

We need to remember something, though. 

God doesn't call his children 'grown ups'.  We are always children to Him and He has created us to lean on Him.  He is our Father.  And with that title, He fully, personally and voluntarily accepts the responsibility of carrying the load, being our Defender, being our Protector, being our Provider, being our Everything -- including our absolute and complete Security.  But, if we don't allow Him to care for us, we will only continue to pursue other things, people or avenues until our need to feel secure is met.

There is a promise that He has made...  I will never leave you nor forsake you.

To me, that says, He is ready to go the distance with us.  He is already committed to us.  He is already the kind of Father that we need Him to be.  And, He is the Security we've been looking for.


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