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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Wares For Sale!

The mall.

It's a multi-culture place.  Every age, race, and size can be seen there.  Some on a mission for specific purchases.  Others there to socialize, window shop or let their toddlers play in the playground.  Still others use it as their indoor walking path and get there early to walk the floors.  It's a marketplace and community center all in one. 

One thing uniquely different about the mall is the kiosk vendors that line the center of every hall.  They are the merchants that sit on stools all day and have their merchandise out on display.  They cleverly and strategically place themselves right in our walking path.  Instead of waiting for customers to meander into their store, they take the offense and sit among us.  It's a brilliant and clever business move. 

Many of them take it a step further.  They will actively seek out potential customers and approach them as they walk by. 

"Would you like to try this new perfume?"

"You look like you could use a good massage."

"What adorable children!  Have you been properly archiving all your memories?"

As consumers we have a choice.  We either stop and give them our attention, or say 'No thank you' and continue on our way. 

I have to be honest.  I've stopped a couple times just to be courteous and before I knew it, they had me convinced how badly I needed that hand cream and I was suddenly reaching for my wallet!  Within 4 minutes what I thought I didn't need became a necessary purchase!  I was caught in their snare.

Others though, I was glad to stumble upon.  They offered something that I knew was a timely purchase for me and I wouldn't have purchased it if they had not approached me personally.  One time, it worked highly in my favor.  I received a free gift worth a good amount of money.  I was so happy I stopped to listen.

Life is full of kiosk vendors. 

They cry out to us.  They signal to us to come and see what they are 'selling'.  They can even be aggressive to gain our attention as they sit among us. 

Wisdom and discernment is needed!

Some are nothing but a snare.  Others, though, offer the things of LIFE like Wisdom, Truth, Understanding, Love.  It is our choice whether to stop and listen.  And, it is our choice to stay or walk away. 

May we be careful and choose wisely.

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