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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

How Does Your Garden Grow?

There was once a gardener who grew a very large and beautiful garden.  The other gardeners envied him.  They wondered what his secret was.  They could never get theirs looking so lush! 

So early one morning, they decided to spy on him to find out his secret.  They peaked through the gate to see him watering his plants. They noticed that as he lavished them with water, he lavished them with song, too.  The gardener sang the most beautiful tune with the most encouraging lyrics! 

"How unusual." the other gardeners thought.  "He is singing over his plants!"

In the afternoon, the gardener came back out again.  This time, he visited each plant individually and began to speak wisdom to them as he pruned it and pulled the weeds away from it.

The spying gardeners were curious again.  "How interesting that he talks personally to each plant!"

When evening came, the gardener visited his garden yet again.  As he looked over the garden, he noticed that growth was taking place!  So, he began to praise his garden joyfully!

"How absurd!"  the envious gardeners said.  "He is shouting praises of encouragement over his garden!"

It was then that the gardener noticed his spying neighbors.  He called to them and invited them in.

"My fellow gardeners, do you not see? 
It is not just the water that nourishes.  It is the song of care over them as well. 
And, when it is time to prune, I do so with much wisdom and handle each plant individually.
And, how can I not shout my encouragement over them when I see new growth!? 

My garden is lush, dear gardeners, because it has been tended to...

 with Great Love."

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