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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Box of Crayons

Yellow, Blue, Red, Orange, Purple and Green all live in the same crayon box.  It's snug quarters, but they are learning to live together. 

Each one is uniquely special.

Yellow does a stellar job at making sunshines. 

And, no one can make grass look so good as Green can. 

Orange isn't showcased as often as the others, but when he is, it's quite impressive!  What flavor he brings to Autumn!

Blue is seen everywhere and pulls off amazing oceans and skies!  But, he has to take turns with Grey depending on the weather.  It keeps him humble.

Purple and Red's talents blossom beautifully in the Spring.  Many appreciate and enjoy the beauty they bring to landscaping.

But, oh what a delightful sight
when they all work together in the form of a rainbow! 
When the Artist pulls each one out and
displays them side by side.
How they compliment each other! 
There is no reason for envy or boasting
for together they are even more beautiful
than when they stand alone!

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