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Saturday, March 23, 2013


Us planners.  We've got it together.  We've worked it out.  We've thought it through.  We are ready.  We are confident.  We are sure.  We have mentally walked through the process and have seen ourselves through it even before we took the first step. 
Commendable, I'd say.  Not everyone has the ability to do that.

How tricky it gets, though, when Unplanned enters stage left into your perfectly planned out scene. 

Unplanned baby.
Unplanned job relocation.
Unplanned/Sudden loss of a loved one.
Unplanned divorce.
Unplanned health issues.

Unplanned.  Unplanned!  UNPLANNED!!

Who invited them??  Certainly not you.  And, they are most certainly not part of your plan or found anywhere near your day planner!  Suddenly, you find yourself catching your plans in mid-air as if they have just been tossed like cards in front of you.

But, here is the beauty to your drama. 

God knows.  Period. 

No, maybe you didn't.  But, He did.  He knew Unplanned was going to show up.  He knew before time even began.  And, if you stop for a moment in your panic and look up, you'll find that God is not shaken one bit about it.  He's not shocked.  He's not anxious.  He's not overwhelmed.  He's not because He knows that everything in life, whether good or bad, planned or unplanned is all being woven together for our good.  It doesn't mean He necessarily made Unplanned walk in on your script, but it does mean He is able to fit Unplanned perfectly into His Script and bring it to a beautiful ending.

Question is:  Will you trust Him as He weaves?

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