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Monday, March 4, 2013

The Farmer's Crops

A farmer went out to check his crops.  Some crops had grown high, some were still very low. 

When the time of harvest came, he went to check his crops again.  This time, the plants that had grown so high had not grown much more, but the small crops grew up tall and towered over all the other crops.

The farmer went to his servants and said, "Pay attention, friends.  See how the crops that had started off so small and humble, are the ones that dominate the field of crops now?  I am Master of all that grows and I am careful to tend to it all.  Do not lose heart when you are brought low and humbled.  Submit yourself, instead, to the season you are in and trust the hand of your Caregiver.  For, at the right time, He will raise you up and you will bear much fruit."


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