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Saturday, March 2, 2013


There are plenty that want to come in.

Those thoughts that wait at the door of your mind.  They come with their trickery and deception.  They come wearing white, but are ready to consume you the moment you crack the door for them.

They entice.  They tempt our fleshly desires.  They have the aroma of some kind of goodness, but are poisonous at the first morsel. 

  • Seeds of bitterness.  Thoughts that give us reason to hold on to unforgiveness. 
  • Lust.  "Why not just take a tiny taste?"
  • Discouragement.  These can be the toughest to fight against.  They may mix in some facts that are true, but they have no regard to Life, Grace, Mercy and Kingdom Agenda. 

They are to be silenced.  Silenced and blocked at the entrance.  Thoughts that do not lead us to Life have no business in our Home.  Just as we would never allow an intruder to come in and ravage our physical house, we have every right to lock our doors to such thoughts.  And, if they do get in, we have every right to look them in the eye and command them to leave, without apology.

Do not tidy up a guest room for them.  Do not invite them in for just a chat.  Do not even peek through the blinds.  They are as evil as Evil himself. 

They have no agenda but to kill, steal, and destroy you.

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