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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Pool

Some wade in the shallow end.  Some do laps.  Others are bold and throw themselves in as human cannon balls.

So many ways to enjoy a Pool. 

And, the great part about Recreational Swim is that there is no pressure.  No one greets you at the door and says, "Welcome! Now, we expect a certain kind of participation in the Water today... Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.  We are trying to run a good-looking Pool scene here."

None of that.  It's understood that though there are rules to keep things in order, how each Swimmer chooses to enjoy the Pool is up to them.  That is the beauty of it. That is part of why so many love it and why they keep wanting to come back.  They love the Water.  They all do.  And, they all have different ways of expressing themselves in their enjoyment.

And, there is no condemnation for those that come to the Pool and decide that they don't want to swim at all.  Maybe they are new to the Pool.  Maybe they have never even been to a Pool.  They are fascinated by it and love watching others in the Water, but they are not ready to get wet themselves.  They feel more comfortable hanging back and taking it all in for now. 

Some come tired.  The Pool is a place of Rest. 

Some come excited and full of energy.  The highlight of their day!

Some come angry.  A bad week or a frustrating day.  But, their anger doesn't stop them from coming. 

They all come. 

And, they all come expecting.

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