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Wednesday, March 13, 2013


"Daddy, why do they say you're falling when people talk about being in love?"  my younger daughter asked with curiosity.

"That's a good question, baby." my husband answered.  "I don't know."

"Maybe it's because you're letting go so you can grab hold of someone special."  I chimed in from the kitchen.  

Falling is definitely not a comfortable word for me.  It's something that happens in dreams and jerks me awake as I try catching myself.   It brings back memories of sprained ankles and a broken arm. It is not a good word in my vocabulary, to say the least.  

But, when it comes to loving God, 'falling' is one of the most beautiful words you can use, I think.  When I think of falling in love with God, I think of the game that people play called 'trust fall'.  You let yourself fall backward and fully trust that the person behind you will catch you.  

This is the kind of love and trust He is working us toward in our relationship with Him.  He wants us to know Him so well and feel so comfortable with Him that we are willing to let ourselves completely go into His arms, His will, and His leading.  A full surrender.  A reckless trust.  A faith so strong and a love so pure that there is no part of us that is held back.  We willingly fall and know without a doubt that He will catch us every time.

One of the best examples of this to me is when I'm at the pool with my kids.  I watch as very young children stand at the edge of the pool looking at their dad's wide open arms and smiling faces.  

"If those kids only knew what could happen to them if they fell in without help!" I would say to myself. 

But, their eyes aren't full of fear.  Their eyes are full of trust.  They smile and giggle with their dads and, without a thought, leap joyously into their arms!  Then, they get out and do it again and again and again!  Never once do the children question their father's ability.  They love their dads and know their dads love them.  So they trust.  They jump.  And, they let themselves fall.


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