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Thursday, March 21, 2013


When someone is precious to you, and I mean precious, the last thing you want to see happen is for them to get hurt or suffer.  You love them more than anything in the world.  I love my children with my whole heart.  It would be agonizing to ever have to see them suffer in profound ways.

I can only imagine then, the amount of pain our Heavenly Father felt when He sent His Son and watched Him die on that tree.  What a ripping and tearing of His Heart! 

Sacrifice was felt across the board.  The Father giving His Only Son.  His Son sacrificing and being sacrificed for us. 

Sacrifice is a word that speaks the highest level of LOVE.  It is a word that does not always look pretty.  But, it is the kind of Love where the rubber meets the road.  Where the giver willingly takes the hit -- no matter how agonizing the pain and the loss. 

Our Father.  Our Brother.  This is how much they love us.  Neither one of them held back.  They willingly gave.  They willingly sacrificed. 

This is how much we are worth to them. 


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