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Monday, March 11, 2013

between the ROCK and a hard place

This past weekend my husband, my personal handyman, ;) put in a new fence for our backyard.  Took him all weekend, bless his little heart.  How happy he was when he was close to being done.  He only had one more post to put in which he said wouldn't take long.  Awhile later, I came out to check on him and he was still working on that same post. 

"You're still trying to put the post in?"  I asked.

He rolled his eyes.  It was supposed to be an easy one-two thing.  Dig the hole, pour the concrete. 

"You're not going to believe this, but I hit old blacktop right where the hole needs to be!"  he said.

I looked over and, sure enough, there was the pile of headache that blocked him from getting through.  Yesterday's rocks.  Forgotten and covered. 

We've lived in this house for 10 years.  Only now are we discovering it.  And, my husband had no choice.  If this was going to be a successful project, he had to deal with it.

Sometimes, it feels like that in our hearts.  God hits a hard place.  I mean like a solid, unmovable place.  Maybe everywhere else He's able to push down on, move around like soft soil -- even places he has planted a garden.  But, His goal is to have our whole hearts.  He doesn't stop at the surface of things.  He desires to go deep, deep down.

And, sometimes he hits blacktop.  Stuff you thought would never have to be dealt with.  Stuff that is buried so deep that you forgot was even there.  Emotions and memories you suppressed.  Anger, like lava, that runs deep underground.  Maybe abuse from your childhood.  Maybe guilt and shame for something you did well before God came in, but you still feel the weight of it.  Maybe a phobia.  Maybe a betrayal.  Maybe a distorted way of seeing yourself.

And, the Master's Hand has found it.  Indeed, He always knew it was there.  He's just clueing you in on it and asking you to be willing to trust Him with even that.

He's not asking you to dig it up.  He simply asking you to release it to Him.  To trust Him enough with even the deeper more sensitive areas.

By the way, my husband finished the fence.  He didn't give up until every last hard rock was moved.

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