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Friday, July 22, 2011

Paint & Pretense

Being able to paint furniture is great. 

I especially love that I have that option when I buy things that are all beat up from a thrift store.  The basic structure of it is still sturdy, it just needs some cosmetic help.  With a bit of sanding and a 10 minute paint job, I can turn my trash into treasure.

Interestingly, though, our Creator is in the business of doing just the opposite.  He sees our painted, polished exterior.  But, He also has the ability to see beyond the 'paint' we hide behind.  He sees the beauty of the original wood. 

He says to Himself, "She looks good now.  But, I know her potential.  It lies beneath all the coatings of paint."

So He begins the stripping process. 

Some of us have multiple layers.  Years of paint built up.  But, with a steady, careful, and patient Hand, He slowly removes all that is not part of who we are.  We become a work of art in His Hands as he chips away at the layers and relieves the real us.  He pulls away the pretense and the fear that makes us hide.  And, when His work is done, we experience the Freedom to be ourselves. 

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