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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Layman's Terms Please

I went to the vet several weeks ago with my dog.  When we sat down with the vet after he was evaluated and treated, she began to explain to us what she thought he had.  After 2 minutes of her explaination, my brain hurt.  She had used large 5 syllable medical words that I had never heard in my life.  I needed explaination for her explaniation! 

After a moment to think, I said..."So, what you're really trying to say is -- he has a form of doggy food poisoning? 

To which she replied... "Well, in a sense... yes."

Well, why didn't she just say that in the first place!?


The best kind of doctors and teachers are ones that can take the complicated information they know and break it down into simple terms.  They know how to explain complex things in a very understandable way.  They know that the general public hasn't been through years of college training like they have.  They have to speak in common terms if they are going to get anyone to understand.

And, the one who sows and waters the seeds of LIFE understands this, as well.  They understand that there's no need to speak in complex terms.  They can speak simply about it.  They know that if they break it down into layman's terms, there will be a better chance that their listeners will walk away with a better understanding. 

God spoke to my heart once and He said this,

"You speak simply.  I'll speak deeply."

He's the One that takes the simpleness of the Message and makes it grow and stretch into the deepest parts of a human heart.

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