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Sunday, July 31, 2011

JUST MARRIED (10 yrs. ago) part 1

10 years of marriage isn't long.  But, a few thoughts at this juncture. 

1.  "Never get your husband from a bubble gum machine." 

That was my husband's response when I told him, in jest, that he's 'not what I ordered'.  We both laughed.  Very true.  Some things should not be done blindly.  Bubble gum, yes.  Husbands no.   

2.  Let him eat kimchi.

Years before my husband met me, he worked with a Korean community.  He fell in love with everything about them.  Their language.  Their passion.  And, especially their food.  So, when we got married, we occasionally visited the Korean grocery store and would grab their sticky rice, seaweed, radishes, and the oh-so-stinky kimchi -- what my husband describes as rotten cabbage.  Its scent is so strong that it would stink up our whole kitchen.  Though, I didn't like the cabbage (and had to light a candle to help kill the smell while he ate),  I respected the fact that my husband did.  Just because I didn't like it, didn't mean I had the right to forbid it.  Love isn't selfish.

3.  You got 3 minutes. 

I love roller coasters.  And, like a marriage, it has its ups and downs and unexpected curves in the track.  But, at the end of a good one, you look at your partner and say you'd do it all over again with them in an instant.  The only downside to a roller coaster is that it's too short.  Even the long ones go fast.  It seems like you just got on and suddenly the ride is over.  In light of eternity, we don't even have 3 minutes with our partner here on earth.  So, let your hands up and enjoy the ride!

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