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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Interruption of Service

At the top of our steps in our second floor hallway, we have a double light switch.  One switch works the hallway light.  The other switch is connected to the outlet that's down the steps where our TV/cable is plugged into.  Most of the time we are careful with which switch to use.  But, occasionally, we flip the wrong switch and instead of shutting off the light, we completely interrupt the service downstairs by cutting off the electric source.  When it happens, it's usually followed by several moans from the people downstairs watching TV.  

Similar to our electrical outlets, we have LIFE outlets.  The places we are able to plug into to get the nourishment we need to keep our hearts going.  Things like reading the Bible, and fellowshipping with others that love the God we love.

When we are consistently plugged into those outlets, we are like the Energizer Bunny.  There's a steady flow of LIFE running through us.

But, when we disconnect.  When we don't plug in --  it is like the switch at the top of my steps, and service gets interrupted.

Stay connected.  Stay plugged in.  Where else can we go?

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