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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Antiseptic

Caring for wounds can be an unpleasant experience. 

It stinks because not only have you gone through the pain of being hurt but now you must allow yourself to feel the sting of the medicine.  And, the thing is, if you're going to get better, you have to get yourself the proper treatment.  If you don't, the wound is susceptible to infection and that could lead to worse consequences.  Though we hate it, we have to apply the antiseptic.

Heart wounds need proper treatment, too.  And, sometimes it can be down-right unpleasant.

His Love is like an Antiseptic to our hearts.  It's beautiful and wonderful.  But, it also kills Germs and Infection. 

So, we come.
We come to the Doctor.  We visit the Hospital.  We find the Treatment we need. 

And, because we trust Him, we willingly press our wounded hearts against His Healing Hand.

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