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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Beatles Fan!

My husband is a huge Beatles fan.

He's got their music.  He's got their videos on DVD.  He's got paraphernalia and huge posters of them on our music studio wall.  He's a huge fan.

Die hard Beatles fans just completely make me chuckle.  When my husband watches their concert videos, I'm both humored and fascinated as I watch the fans react to seeing the Beatles in person.  They're screaming.  They're crying.  They're acting crazy as they hysterically hug each other and lose all sense of propriety.  They are so catch up in the moment of being in the presence of 'greatness' that this is the only reaction they can have.  Oh, what a moment to see their idols in the flesh.  Oh, what a moment!

Though I don't completely relate to the awe struck response to four human beings, I do equate it to how I feel about being able to see my Hero one day.  To finally meet Jesus and see Him Face to face.  When the mystery and the wait is over and I get to see, in person, the One I've been a fan of almost my whole life.  

I can only imagine my reaction.

If I'm not blown off my feet in Glory, I am picturing my response to be one of complete hysterical Beatle-manicness.  I'm going to scream my head off.  I'm gonna pull at my hair and cry like a baby.  I'm gonna grab the nearest person next to me, even if I don't know them, and hug them until I knock the breath out of them.  I'm going to jump wildly up and down and wave my cell phone light as high in the air as I can get it.  I'm going to run in circles and hyperventilate!  I am going go nuts

It's the only reaction I think I could have when I'm caught up in the moment of being in the Presence of Greatness.  Oh what a moment to see Him in the flesh!  Oh, what a moment!  Oh, what a moment!!


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